• Perfect for cloud native applications
  • Native Docker & Kubernetes support
  • Build, test and deploy your projects
  • ... or run any other task in a container


  • Real-time graph of your workflows
  • All tests results at one glance
  • Create custom output
  • All information in one place


  • Serverless computing for full flexibility
  • Set limits for CPU and memory
  • Run jobs in parallel
  • Optimal resource utilization


  • Download jobs to your local machine
  • Get all prerequisites to run
  • No ssh into your build machines anymore
  • No "works for me" anymore

What is InfraBox?


Manage your project

Once set up, you always have a reproducible environment, ideal for benchmarks and testing. You can be sure that all environment variables are set and necessary libraries are available with their correct versions.

Real-time build visualization

InfraBox creates a graph for each of your workflows. Changes of the contained jobs are updated instantly. So you are always up to date what's going on and can check if your machine configuration fulfills the requirements of your process.

Reuse workflows as unit

Any workflow can be integrated into others. Define a workflow as dependency for other jobs or workflows. It can require inputs from or provide output for other units in your current graph - just like any integrated single job does.

Optimize your build process

Configure which job has to wait for another one - we run all jobs in their required order and parallelize jobs which can be run independently.


InfraBox integrates with Gerrit, GitHub, LDAP. You can use GitHub or LDAP to authenticate your users. Also every push to your GitHub or Gerrit repository may trigger a workflow to build, test and deploy your project.


Optimize your build process. Analyze problems easier. Be efficient.


Ease up the daily business

InfraBox allows you to split up your complex build into a workflow of several easier to handle jobs. With our intuitive configuration you can define dependencies between the single jobs. So the output of every job can be used as input for the others. InfraBox executes them in this predefined order, parallelizing all that are independent from each other.
Each workflow can be used as part of other workflows, so you can easily create a clear structure for better comprehensibility and ideal for collaboration.

Your workflows can be static ones that are predefined, so you are able to model your your build process the way it fits your needs. On the other hand InfraBox provides the means to design dynamic workflows, e.g. to react on git tags or adjust to the needs of different branches.

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Build Dashboard

Everything at a glance

The InfraBox Dashboard visualizes your workflow as dependency graph. While your build is running the graph is updated in real-time.
You can use the Dashboard to:

  • check the state of your build and its jobs.
  • validate if your workflow is designed best.
  • restart or stop the build process or clear its cache.
  • get all badges that are created during your build (e.g. for code coverage or other validation checks)

Job Details

All details where they're needed

InfraBox tracks all important facts about your job, so you've got everything important at one place. Get information about its duration, its state and - if it's a hosted project - the commit it belongs to. At the project overview page you get the whole console output for the job, so you can always check what's going on without any additional log files.
To optimize the duration of your runs InfraBox caches your metadata for each job and each node. So you don't waste your capacities for the same routines again and again.

Customizable Output

Your job, your output.

InfraBox offers an easy to use annotation to generate custom output panels. Those panels are integrated in the job details page and perfectly complement the standard job output. Use these custom panels to:

  • create reports for your analysis tools (e.g. code coverage, security checkers...)
  • summarize your special job output (e.g. metrics, calculation results...)
  • generate job documentation and reports

Command Line Tool

Your local connection to InfraBox

From your command line you can control several InfraBox features:

  • Restart or stop your build.
  • Download single jobs to reproduce them locally.
  • Upload your results to InfraBox.
  • Visualize dependencies and results of local projects on your InfraBox Dashboard.

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Cloud native CI/CD

From the cloud, for the cloud

InfraBox is a serverless computing platform that is specialised on CI/CD. With its native Docker, Docker Compose and Kubernetes support, it's perfect for your cloud native applications. You can build them within the InfraBox cluster and directly deploy them as cloud application at your host - like we do this with InfraBox itself, too.

Fully integrated configuration

All the flexibility you need

Your complete build configuration you need to run your build on InfraBox is part of your repository. With an easy to use configuration file you set up your build graph and the dependencies between the Docker files of your single jobs. Never again you'll have to login to a build machine.
InfraBox enables you to get full control about the resources your jobs use. Just limit or increase the number of CPUs or the memory a job can utilize by a simple change of details in your configuration file.

Use Cases

Get inspired. Improve your workflows. Containerize your project.